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Advantages and disadvantages of colorimeters

What is a colorimeter?

Colorimeter. In general, It is to detect the difference between the color of different objects. It generally determines the color by filtering the light. The filter is made of glass or plastic with a special dye. The refractive index of undyed glass is similar to that of air, and all colored light can pass through; after dyeing, the molecular structure changes and the refractive index changes. Red filters can only let red light pass through, green filters can only let green filters pass through, and blue filters can only let blue filters pass through. For example, when the white light through the blue filter, it will emit blue light, almost no green and red light, most of which is absorbed by the filter. The colorimeter based on the filter principle is equipped with a color filter. After the color light reflected from the object passes through the filter, the instrument reads the absolute value data of the corresponding color.

The advantages of colorimeter measurement

1. Color difference meter measurement can obtain data results, this result can be traced, can be the accurately quantitative solution. In the qualitative conclusions drawn after solving the data results, the adopted standard is also severely determined.
2. The measurement results are objective, different people use colorimeters to implement the measurement, the data results obtained are very small differences. As long as the operation is correct, the colorimeter measurement results will not have a large change.

Disadvantages of colorimeter measurement

1. the measurement reflects only the data side of the color difference, and in fact, the appearance of the paint film is the result of the accumulation of a variety of effects, which can not be reflected by the color difference data. There are often similar color difference data, but the actual effect is much different.
2. Color difference meter in the smaller color pieces or curvature of the color pieces on the measurement of the difficulty, there is no way to read or inaccurate readings will occur.

3. The structure of the colorimeter is simple, and the color data given is not accurate enough, so this type of product can only be used for quality control.
In contrast, a spectrophotometer can provide more accurate color data, and you can choose to buy a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer according to your needs.


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