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Digital Paint Coating Thickness Meter Gauge Fe/NFe Paint Thickness Tester Magnetic Base 0-1250um FRU WH82

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FRU WH82 Digital Paint Coating Thickness Meter Gauge


WH82 digital paint coating thickness meter is a portable meter. It is capable of measuring coating thickness quickly, precisely and without injury, both for the laboratory and engineering environment.

The equipment conforms to the following standards:

GB/T 496─1985 tropical metal substrate non-cloud thickness measurement magnetic method

GB/T 497─1985 non-wool base metal substrate non-coating thickness measurement eddy current method

JB/T 8393-1996 Magnetic eddy current plating thickness measurement


Fe&NFe Type(WH82): Measure non-magnetic coating thickness(Such as enamel, rubber, paint, etc.) on the magnetic base(such as steel , iron, nickel, cobalt, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc.),
And non-conductive coating thickness on the non-magnetic base(such as aluminum, chromium, copper, lead, zinc, etc.)


1. Using the method of measuring metal flow method on the non-touch coating and eddy current measurement of non-conductive coating on non-metallic materials.

2. Can use the single measurement point method or two-point method to measure the device in the standard to ensure the measurement results.

3. Automatic and rapid identification of ferrous and non-ferrous metal elements.

4. Power supply voltage indication.

5. Alarm beeps when running.

6. Timing automatic shutdown; can be manual.

7. Negative function to ensure the display of zero point projection.

8. Display, size and shape.

Method of operation:

WH82 paint coating thickness test gauge has three calibration methods: zero calibration, two-point calibration and sandblasted surface calibration. The probe also has a basic calibration. The calibration methods are very easy to use.

1. Zero calibration

a) Measured on the substrate, the screen shows <*. * μm>.

b) Press the zero button and <0.0> is displayed.

c) Calibration is complete and further measurements can be made; however, repeating a & b will give a more accurate zero point. Please note that the device has a negative display to facilitate the user to select the zero point.


2. Two-point calibration

This calibration method is suitable for the measurement of high-precision small parts, hardened steel, and alloy steel.

a) Set zero first (as described above).

b) Measure on a standard film coated with approximately the number of pieces to be measured, and the screen displays <*. *.μm>

c) You can start using the value to reach the standard value.

A key will gradually increase/increase the change value once.


Technical parameters:

Model WH82 paint coating thickness meter
Measurement Method Apparatus method (apparatus)
Measurement Range 0-1250μm
Power supply 2*AA batteries
Measurement bias Zero-point ±(13%H); two points +± [(1%3%H)~+1.5
Ambient temperature 0-40℃
Relative motion ≤85%
Minimum base material 10*10mm
Minimum curvature 5mm convex surface; 5mm concave surface
Thinnest device 0.4mm


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5 reviews for Digital Paint Coating Thickness Meter Gauge Fe/NFe Paint Thickness Tester Magnetic Base 0-1250um FRU WH82

  1. Crystal Wilson

    accuracy is better than I thought, solved my problem

  2. Jared Middleton

    no error in the test results

  3. Lynn Bob

    Хорошее качество, тонкая работа, высокая точность измерения и стабильность, возможность измерения стальных листов

  4. Mirabelle Jordan

    I use it in my lab and I am satisfied with the measurement results

  5. Zenobia Burns

    shipping is fast, it has a very low price compared to other brands, and what makes me happy is that it has no problems with accuracy

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