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Handheld Spectrophotometer High Precision Spectrophotometer Stable Portable Color Measurement Analysis FRU WN700D

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WN700D is a cost-effective spectrophotometer. This spectrophotometer adopts advanced electronic circuit system and perfect optical system, which has the advantages of high precision, good stability and strong anti-interference.
It provides great reliability and convenience for color control in all walks of life.



This spectrophotometer is suitable for color measurement, color analysis, color quality control, color difference control, color difference analysis, incoming sample inspection, production online inspection in textile and leather, plastic, plastic, paint, ink, printing, hardware, toys, etc.
It is also suitable for auxiliary color matching for injection molding, ink, paint, spraying, etc.

Stability (ΔE<0.07)

The electronic circuit system and optical system of the whole instrument are intelligently
monitored by independent innovation patents to ensure that the instrument is not subject to the
external environment for each measurement, thus achieving high stability (ΔE<0.07).


Table difference (ΔE<0.4)

The table difference is the difference between the measured data of each instrument.
In the processing and production of products, the quality of each instrument is strictly controlled;
when the products are out of the warehouse, the quality inspection of each instrument is strictly
checked; ensuring that the difference between the stages of each instrument is minimized, thus
creating a reliable instrument for the user. The data-based merchant exchange environment.


Advanced power management system, stable and secure

The WN700D spectrometer has three power supply modes: 3200mAH rechargeable lithium
battery; external 5V DC power supply; lithium battery and external 5V DC power supply.
At the same time,  Lithium batteries can be measured up to 10,000 times after being charged once, which is 8-10
times that of the same industry. This instrument is equipped with an overvoltage protection
system. When the customer connects to the wrong power supply, the overvoltage system inside
the instrument will start, thus protecting the instrument from being burned out.


Accurate spectral data and Lab values

Sampling high-precision spectral spectroscopic systems and stable optical systems to accurately
separate light waves of different wavelengths for accurate spectral data and Lab values.


Average measurement function

The WN700D spectrophotometer has an average measurement function and the average
number of measurements can be set from 1 to 99.


Multiple measurement light sources and color rendering parameters

Four kinds of light sources (A light source, C light source, D65 light source, and F2 light source) and
three color rendering parameters (L*a*b*, L*C*h*, and Yxy) are built in the instrument to meet
different user requirements. Color measurement needs.
In addition, the instrument also has two CIE observer angles (10° and 2°) and two color difference
formulas (ΔE*ab and ΔE*CH) for users to choose.


Humanized design, small body, widely application

The ergonomically designed body gives you a more comfortable measurement experience;
The 2.8-inch TFF color display and graphical user interface make it easier for you to operate;
Small body, great use. The body is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry;


Extended function, comprehensive and practical

The WN700D spectrophotometer can be connected with computer software (optional). The computer software can be used to expand the functions of the instrument, which
can realize the functions of data analysis, uploading, downloading, printing and manually
inputting LAB values. It can also be connected to a micro printer (optional) for real-time printing
of measurement data.




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6 reviews for Handheld Spectrophotometer High Precision Spectrophotometer Stable Portable Color Measurement Analysis FRU WN700D

  1. Richard Hill

    This is a great meter for any professional. Has high measurement accuracy. direct connection to a micro printer for printing data is an indispensable feature.

  2. Bhupendra

    Prepared for my factory production, the measurements are very accurate and I like its battery, which lasts a long time. But because of the epidemic, I received the goods very late.

  3. Philip Euphemia

    very small, easy to use, and seems very accurate. Also, the display is very clear and I think it is the best choice for a device of this price. It has been very useful for my research experiments

  4. Judith Buckle

    nice it is stable to use, the feature of printing measurement data in real time makes it easier for me to complete my work.

  5. Theodore

    C’est une bonne affaire.

  6. Eli Alfred

    Love this meter!!!! There really nothing more to say! Worth every penny!

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