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Portable Color Analyzer Precise Digital Colorimeter Color Meter Lab Tester 4mm Measuring Aperture FRU WR10QC

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description of WR-10QC colorimeter


WR10QC handheld digital colorimeter is a professional high precision colorimeter. The colorimeter weighs only 330 grams and is easy to carry with a lanyard. Plus a high-capacity lithium battery to maintain long battery life. The application scenario is wide, including a small area, curved surface, flat surface. The universal 4mm measurement aperture makes it adaptable to most measurement needs, making it the best choice for production inspection and mobile measurement.


  • Carefully designed, accurate, stable, easy to operate, environmental protection, portable
  • Can be applied to textile, printing and dyeing, garment, shoe, leather, chemical, plastic, pigment, paint, ink, metal, photography, toys, food and medicine industries
  • Suitable for color quality control, color difference control, color difference analysis, sampling and online testing in the industry, as well as auxiliary color matching in the process of injection molding, ink, painting, spraying, etc.
  • Accurate colorimeter monitor, comfortable data observation, can purchase a mini printer to print data reports

details of WR10QC colorimeter
details of WR10QC colorimeter
details of WR10QC colorimeter


Color Difference Formula: △E*ab
Measurement Caliber: φ8mm
Illumination Condition: CIE Recommendation:8/d
Light Source: D65
Sensor: Photodiode array
Observer: CIE 10° Standard observer
Measurement Range: L: 0 to 100
Repeated Accuracy: △E<0.1
Table Difference: △E<0.2
Measurement Interval: 1 Sec.
Storage Capacity: 100 groups with testing
Type sample data : 100 groups
Lifetime of Bulb: 5 years more than 1.6 million measurements
Display Screen: TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9)
Language: English/Simplified Chinese
Interface of External: USB2.0 (USB-B) RS-232 (115200bps)
Working Temperature Range: 0-40(32-104)
Storage Temperature Range: -20-50(-4-122)
Humidity Range: Relative humidity less than 85%, without condensation
Weight: 330g
Size: 199*68*90mm
Package Size: 400*240*340mm
Battery Charging Time: 8 hrs
Battery: Li-ion battery, 5000 times Measurement
Standard Accessories: AC adapter/ 3000mAH Li-ion battery
Optional Accessories: Flour measuring device/Micro printer

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4 reviews for Portable Color Analyzer Precise Digital Colorimeter Color Meter Lab Tester 4mm Measuring Aperture FRU WR10QC

  1. Dean Titus

    Perfect for portable color analyses by students conducting wear tests. Easy to take readings. I found the instructions for more ocmplex operations somewhat difficult. It could use a more detailed manual.

  2. Duncan Antoinette

    Very nice product, more than I expected, can quickly measure the color of L A B value of leather, very helpful, when i need more in future, will buy again.

  3. Brandon Harrison

    I use this colorimeter to match colors in my graphics business. It is fast, small and accurate! It has the ability to provide color comparisons right in the device, which many high-end colorimeters will do only with additional software. The only thing I would love to see is interchangeable tips. There are times where the 4mm would be great. For the price, I will probably just buy one of those too!

  4. Ogden Shelley

    use in the workshop and office, easy to compare the difference of color and better adjustment. High accuracy and clear contrast effect

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