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Shipping Policy

Standard Shipping 

Please expect a normal delivery time of 7-20 days. Due to the Pandemic affected, the delivery time will be delayed by 2 days. Please check the regular delivery time for your region as follow:

  • USA: 2-7 Business days
  • Japan: 3-5 Business days
  • UK/France/Germany/Italy/Spain/Poland/Austria/Czechia/Hungary/Slovakia/Switzerland: 8 Business days
  • Netherlands/Belgium/Ireland/Sweden/Denmark/Estonia/Finland/Latvia/Lithuania/Malta/Portugal/Romania/Slovenia/Luxembourg/Ireland/Bulgaria/Croatia: 12 Business days
  • Other European Countries: 15-25 Business days
  • Australia and Oceania Countries: 7-10 Business days
  • Asia Countries: 3-25 Business days
  • Africa, Central and South America: 3-6 weeks

Free Shipping

All products are not charged for shipping.

For any questions, please contact us through the email:info@beley.net.

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