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The application of colorimeter in the automotive industry

Topcoat of automotive

The application of colorimeter in the automotive industry mainly lies in the topcoat, which includes three major categories: ordinary paint, metallic paint, and pearlescent paint. Synthetic materials for general coatings include resins, pigments and additives; metal paint will add some metal powder like aluminum powder; pearlescent paint adds mica particles. All these finishes have different colors, and the quality will affect the color change, so the colorimeter which can check different colors can naturally play a great role.

For pearlescent color, 15°, 25° is close to the mirror reflection angle, the directional arrangement of the metal sheet or pearlescent pigment will affect its mirror reflection color. 45° is a straight perspective, which is the best angle of visual sample and is doubly affected by aluminum powder, pearlescent powder arrangement, and coloring pigment. 75° and 110° is the side perspective, which is most affected by coloring pigment.

From the perspective of monochrome pearlescent paint, the most obvious influence on the color difference of monochrome paint is the film thickness of the paint. Relative to the metal paint with aluminum powder, the coverage is relatively poor. The dark color is still coverable due to the low transmittance of pigment.
While for the light color like white and yellow, usually the film thickness of color paint under normal construction conditions does not reach the complete coverage in the sense of black and white grid, then the influence of using what color of medium coating and the thickness control of paint film on the color difference is crucial.

Test of pearlescent paint

When testing pearlescent paint, we need to use multi-angle spectrophotometer data to be accurate. In general, multi-angle spectrophotometers receive reflected light from 15°, 25°, 45°, 75° and 110° to ensure that all incident light enters the instrument. Finally, displayed on the screen as a numerical value through photoelectric analysis processing.
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